Get-Away Dialysis always seems to be in the middle of one celebration or another. In 2012 we had John (from Alberta), our very first client, return to Mazatlan for a second time to marry Darina. We’re so happy for them!

Not long after, we arranged dialysis in Puerto Vallarta for a client (from Ontario) whose family came to celebrate her 80th birthday.

The family returned in 2013 for the wedding of their daughter.  It was wonderful to see that everyone was able to be there, together again, and that dialysis didn’t keep anyone from traveling.

We also saw a 40th wedding anniversary, and a number of other clients’ family weddings through 2013 and 2014.

Other trips were simply a huge step forward for individuals who had been reluctant to travel while on dialysis. We get that. We’ve had to earn your trust…and we get that too. Traveling for the first time while on dialysis is, in itself, a momentous occasion.

Congratulations to all of you from all of us at GAD!



It would appear that 2015 is the year of the “RETURN VISIT” for many former Get-Away Dialysis clients.

While many dialysis patients are still learning about Get-Away Dialysis, we currently have many clients coming back for their 2nd or 3rd trips with us…and staying two or three weeks instead of a week.

That said, we know we have to earn your trust over and over again, with each visit to one of our clinics!



California dialysis patients have discovered us and are traveling to both of our clinics. And we’ve discovered that there truly is something special about California(ns)!

Our Puerto Vallarta clinic manager, Ruth, was in awe (as were the rest of us) when she learned that a ninety…yes…90…year old client from California went hang gliding…and then topped off the day with a tequila tasting that evening!

What can we say?! He DID sleep through dialysis the next morning!