Client Testimonials / Puerto Vallarta

“When life hands you a lemon, you make lemonade.  Get Away Dialysis is your main ingredient!

Our December 2012 vacation to Nuevo Vallarta was possible due to this company.  If you have any doubts about dialyzing in Mexico, let me assure you they are unfounded.

They take care of everything related to your treatment.  The San Javier clinic is modern, clean, and organized.  The dialysis staff are highly trained, very welcoming and an absolute pleasure to spend your clinic time with.

We are looking forward to another visit in April 2013.   Thank you Get Away!”


“We had a wonderful trip to Puerto Vallarta in February.  Get-Away Dialysis was very helpful in planning our trip, down to the smallest detail.
The dialysis unit in the new Hospital San Javier is a sparkling new unit with excellent staff.  Ruth, the renal nurse, went above and beyond to accommodate our needs; even making sure our room at Paradise Village was conveniently located just off the lobby.
Paradise Village Resort is a beautiful, friendly resort and it’s a bonus that they give Get-Away Dialysis patients a preferred rate.  We hope to go again next year.”

“Thanks to Get Away Dialysis and their newly opened clinic in (the new) San Javier Hospital in Nuevo Vallarta, my husband and I were able to travel to our favorite destination, Puerto Vallarta, for an extended period of time.

We’d been coming to Puerto Vallarta for a number of years and about five years ago, decided to buy a little piece of what many, including us, call paradise. Our condo has enabled us to spend extended periods of time in Puerto Vallarta. The people are friendly and it’s a very safe destination for those seeking a memorable vacation in sunny Mexico.

In November of 2011, I was started on hemodialysis, which turned out to be a life altering experience. We had to cancel our plans to travel to Puerto Vallarta, because of the uncertainty of having to dialyse three times a week and not knowing how we were going to accomplish this in a foreign country.

 In January of 2012, we discovered Get-Away Dialysis had opened a clinic in Mazatlan, and that a new clinic was just opening in Nuevo Vallarta (Puerto Vallarta). From the initial call to Get-Away Dialysis, to the actual arriving at the clinic in Nuevo Vallarta (they arranged the necessary paper work with our clinic here at home), all in all, it was a worry free experience.

The dialysis unit in Nuevo Vallarta is state of the art, with new B Braun dialysis machines and excellent and knowledgeable staff who are English speaking and very friendly and professional. There is always a nephrologist on duty at the clinic.

I would encourage anyone on hemodialysis to not hesitate to travel to Puerto Vallarta, as there is a wonderful facility and caring staff at the clinic waiting to take care of them, which allows you to enjoy all that Puerto Vallarta has to offer

Thanks once again to Get-Away Dialysis and the staff and doctors at their hemodialyis clinic in Nuevo Vallarta, who have given me back some joy in my life that was lost when I was put on hemodialysis.”



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